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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AxPath integration with browser email etc

With great help of AndyD, Tabax now have an integration with browser and other tools. For example you can send a link to the specific purchase order via outlook, and when the link will be clicked, user will see purchase order you linked to.

You can also link to the specific parts of code. For example here tabax checks your access to development environment when you are navigating AOT link.

How to make it work:

  • download the latest beta of Tabax
  • Install Tabax and Plugin SDL
  • download and install AxPath plugin. Run register.bat

Monday, April 23, 2007


SYS_ExpressionQueryBuilder is an ExpressionBuilder for queries. Read more @ axaptapedia

InventTrans inventTrans;
QueryRun qr = SYS_ExpressionQueryBuilder::construct()
.count(fieldNum(InventTrans, RecID))
.groupBy(fieldNum(InventTrans, ItemID))
.between(fieldNum(InventTrans, DatePhysical), 01012006, 31122006)
.matches(fieldNum(InventTrans, Qty), '<0')

.link(fieldNum(InventTrans, InventDimID),
fieldNum(InventDim, InventDimID))
.matches(fieldNum(InventDim, InventLocationID), condition)
inventTrans = qr.get(tableNum(InventTrans));
info(strFmt('%1: %2', inventTrans.ItemId, InventTrans.RecId));

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Infolog stack trace

This extension allows to see stacktrace of infolog items and navigate through call stack. read more @axaptapedia