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Monday, November 27, 2006

Tabax 0.2.11

The main new feature is the new button "Edit current field". Open, say, ledger accounts form from main menu, select "Tax group" field and click this button.

You will see AOT for StringEdit:Tax_TaxGroup.

I think this button fill be helpful for developers and consultants to explore axapta functionality.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bunch of Tabax extensions

There are some Tabax extensions occured last week.

  • AxCreateNewProject from Ivan Kashperuk to create an empty project with two clicks

  • Toggle SQL trace for switch SQL trace On/Off instantly with tabax toolbar button (it can be used an example of reflecting state of something via button image )

  • Just a button to run the find dialog for AOT node quickly

Sunday, November 19, 2006

AxPath is coming: Sidax 0.4 beta 0 + Tabax 0.2.10

download tabax | download sidax

There is the first AxPath implementation. AxPath let you store a link for some record in database or an AOT item in the form of URI and then send it to a collegue or open it. So, for example you can copy link to the some purchase order, send it to colleague and it will be opened by colleague (so purchase orders form is opened and positioned at specific order).

Now Tabax, and Sidax support this technique. I am planning integration of AxPath scheme in the system letting AxPath links to be embedded in the webpages, mails, etc.

so, in Sidax:

  • you can copy AxPath of the menu item in main menu with right click
  • you can navigate AxPath via "go component"

in Tabax:
  • AxPath:
    • when pressing the "Copy" button it copies axpath of the current record to the clipboard
    • when pressing the «Ctrl+Shift+Copy» it copies AOT items, currently selected
    • if you insert axpath to the input box it navigates the path given

  • now tabs are switched correctly under AX3KR3
  • X++ calculator in the input box:
    • enter ?<X++ expression> and press Enter to evaluate an expression
    • enter ?<X++ statement> and press Enter to run a statement

I am going to implement "favorits" in the sidax based on AxPath

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - trying to aggregate all Dynamics Ax development blogs

Microsoft launched the new site for IT pros - aggreg8. I have'nt realized what it is exactly, but created the workgroup for Dynamics Ax and aggreated some development blogs there: view online

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sidax 0.3.7b14



  • Autohide option at about tab - sidax will autocollapse when you move mouse out of it's window (thank to Blokva from AxForum)

  • Images in the main menu - different menues

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sidax 0.3.7 beta 12

Axapta hangs when trying to exit from the thin client. Added workaround for this bug. Axapta will still hang if you login and then immediately close it, but I think this is a very rare case.


AxUnit2 updated

Some errors fixed, Tabax integration.

See AxUnit2 homepage

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sidax 0.3.7 beta 11

download (35k)

  • It can handle a project renaming correctly now

  • Pause button at 'about' tab: you can stop the background processes so sidax doesn't affect profiler

PS: Axaptapedia is online again

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tabax 0.2.8

download 20K

What's new:

  • Extensibility !!!: Now you can add plugins to Tabax: just create a subfolder \Share\Include\tabax\plugs and place bitmap with the following name _.bmp, where type of menu item, ItemName - name of an existing menu item and tabax will have an additional button with placed image pointing to your menu item (download table structure browser plugin for example)

  • AxSearch: Tabax now have a new input box for invoke AxSearch from it

osalt - the site colleting open source alternatives to various soft

for example, - list of open source alternatives to to Adobe Photoshop