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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Just updated my old sample to produce DGML in addition to .DOT, so now you can view cross-references in VS2010 interactively (filter, rearrange so on). For example picture above shows relations of LedgerVoucherObject.check

Download the job from SkyDrive:


Vikas said...

CommaIo object not initialized.

I am getting the following error when i executed the job.Can you let me know whats wrong .


(C)\Jobs\TEST_ExportClassXRefToDGML - line 39

Vikas Mehta.

Max Belugin said...

Do you have an access to the folder where file is written?

vikasmehta said...

Thanks Max its working now but the file saved is just 1KB for all the types .
And the dgml file needs to be opened in visual Studio or some other microsoft product

vikasmehta said...

thanks its working for now
I have updated the cross reference.