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Friday, November 07, 2008

AxPath plugin for Tabax which works with Ax3, Ax4, Ax2009

Now you can download AxPath.dll (with sources) which works with Ax 3, Ax 4, Ax 2009. Previously it worked only if Ax3 was installed.

Ivan fixed it to work with Ax2009, now I have extended it to probe registry keys for Ax2009, Ax4, Ax3 (in that particular order) and work with the version found first.

If you do not know what AxPath and Tabax are - look at,

AxPath plugin originated by AndyD from


Anders Halden said...

Fantastic! I got it working on my 2003 server as well! Thanks!

Anders Halden said...

Do you know why it won't work on DAX 4.0 SP2 (+ hotfix #2)?

Is it a simple matter of changes to the DLL source code and then recompile it?

Max Belugin said...

Did you reregistered ir since version update?

Did it output any messages during reregister?

Try to debug, if you can (I've used delphi turbo explorer)

Anders Halden said...

Hi Max, yes, the DLL did register just fine. However the class in AX throws the following error: "Îøèáêà ïðè ïîäêëþ÷åíèè ê ðàçäåëÿåìîìó ðåñóðñó AxPath" (

P.S. It now works great with DAX 4.0 SP1, just not with SP2 ;)

Anders Halden said...

The issue with SP2 resolved itself, it was just a matter of registering it properly.

Roland Steber said...

Hi Max,
two tests on different machines (32bit Win 2003 R2 Std. and 64Bit Win 2008 R2 Ent.) failed because of the axpata-3-is-not-installed-error.
I used the archive from axaptapedia (
Do you know why this DLL still tries to check the version 3 installation?

Kind regards,

Max Belugin said...

This is wrong error message - it aclually probes all registry pathes, see the getPrefix function in .dpr

Unknown said...

Hello Max,

I am still getting that 3.0 error. Downloaded the latest version of AxPath.

I am using 2003 server.

Can u please tell me why its giving the error?


Max Belugin said...

could you ask the question at AxForum - the real author of protocol handler is there