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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to hide Content Pane in Ax 2009

Here is a small job, which hides content pane in Dynamics Ax 2009. Content pane can be useful for end users, but when you develop something in can be irritating to see it oon top of all windows every time you click on menu item. So here is a small solution. I plan to add this feature to the future Tabax for Ax 2009

void TEST_HideContentFrame(Args _args)
HWND contentPane = WinApi::findWindowEx(
WinAPI::findWindowEx(infolog.hWnd(), 0, 'MDIClient', ''),
if (contentPane)
WinApi::ShowWindow(contentPane, #SW_HIDE);


Dynamics AX and surround said...

The Content Pane will appear again if current company changed. To prevent this one can easily replace WinApi::ShowWindow(contentPane, #SW_HIDE); with WinApi::destroyWindow(contentPane);

Luegisdorf said...

There's a another, non programmaticly but really easy way to hide the content form:
Open any formlist page (like Accounts receivable/Places/Customers). After that just press Ctrl+Q - that's all :)

BTW: Do you already heard about this tool? a must for every AX programmer.