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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sidax 0.4 b 6 will show you what groups can access selected main menu items

download (85K)

What's new:

  • multiple selection of main menu items

  • new item named "Show access" in the main menu item's context menu. If you choose this item all groups which have access to that item will be output to infolog


Unknown said...

Hi Max,

I am Prasad from India.I have a query ,could you please help me.Our company has developed a module in Axapta.Now we want to give that module to our client for a trail run.Here we want to hide the X++ code which he cannot copy or delete or edit the code.Can you please help me as to how i should proceed.

Thanks & regards

Max Belugin said...

There is no such thing in Ax. There was a company that offers service for obfuscating X++ code, you can search for it by Google...