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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tabax is one year old

About one year ago the first version of tabax was released to public

Great Thanx to all people who took part in Tabax development: AndyD, Ivan, OIP and others.

And for i18n: Manel, Helmut, Romain Gasnier

BTW, Google Alerts gave me some Brazilian blog in Portugues and the only thing, that I can read there was Tabax :)

Below there are two screenshots:

A sidax predecessor, which was developed sombody from axforum

First internal version of sidax (which is two year old now).


Ricardo Pichler said...

Hi Max, the blog mentioned above is a way that I use to share the general Knowledge with other people from my country (Brazil) and I mentioned the Tabax because it is very usefull to programmers and endusers, the text is a translation of this article:


Max Belugin said...

Thank, You, Ricardo! It was pleasant to me to find that post.

Maybe, you can translate Tabax and TabaxLite to Portuguese?

Ricardo Pichler said...

\Max, will be a pleasure!

I'll start translating the file located in tabax.0.3.2\tabax.ax4\lang ok? There are other files to translate?


Max Belugin said...

yes, but, tabaxLite has translations method to solve the similar problem

Ricardo Pichler said...

Do you received the file with the translation?

Max Belugin said...

Yes! Thank you, Ricardo!