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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The first line which I always write at the start of the 'run' method in a RunBase descenant is:


Settings prefixes is very useful for detect causes of errors later.

There are also very useful macros: PrefixField, PreFixFieldValue

For example, this code will set prefix to the: "


.. said...

you mention that "Settings prefixes is very useful for detect causes of errors later", may i know why?? and how u use the prefix to catch the error.

Max Belugin said...

If you use prefixes your infolog shows you later in what phase your process was broken.

For example if you have exception "WRONG USE OF FUCTION" it will be more useful to have such prefixes as:

Payroll capculation > Employee XYZ > Tax calculation > VAT > Wrong use of fuction

Genious said...

Thats really informative. Thanks max.

I am newbe, but picking things very quickly & soon be implimenting the AX.

Keep it up man....


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Nowhere Man said...

Hi Max.

I was trying send to mail to you, but I got a deliverable error for

Have you got some e-mail address?


Max Belugin said...

mbelugin at