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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sidax 0.4 b 2

See page at axaptapedia for details. It is strongly recommended to upgrade beta0 to beta 1 or beta 2.


Jim Shepherd said...

Hi Max,

I tried sending this to your email account, but it bounced for a few different reasons... so I'm posting it here...

I like your code, I’ve learned a great deal from it, thank you for that. I’m sorry that I’m not contacting you under better circumstances

I wanted to let you know that I *may have* found a bug in Sidax, or maybe it’s actually in AX… the version in question is Ax 3.0Sp3 KR2, running against an Oracle i9 db, as either a 3 tier Thin or 2 tier connection and Sidax 0.4b2 (or 0.4b0 for that matter.) The db is connected using tnsNames.ora, using the default “bmssa” password and the “Special First Rows fix” in the AxConfig file.

Adding a project to the House pane, compiling it and then exiting Axapta causes a program hang, as it never releases the TCP sockets to the db. (found using DBView.exe by Mark Russinovich)

Here are the steps to reproduce:

Set Sidax to load at program start.

Relaunch AX in either 2 or 3 tier

Open a project from the toolbar, (either one you’ve made or an imported one, I’ve done both, using my own as well as AxCreateNewProject by Ivan Kashperuk)

In Sidax, click on House and Add the project.

Compile the project using the Compile toolbar control in the House pane

Exit Ax by clicking on the X winbox control on the upper right of the window.

Program hangs.

Launch DBView.exe and kill the TCP socket process, App finally closes.

Max Belugin said...

Thank You, Sleepish for your detailde report. House & AOT functionality still have problems. I have stolen it from the utility of the other programmer and I will upgrade it to the new version soon.

Max Belugin said...

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