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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - trying to aggregate all Dynamics Ax development blogs

Microsoft launched the new site for IT pros - aggreg8. I have'nt realized what it is exactly, but created the workgroup for Dynamics Ax and aggreated some development blogs there: view online


Artild said...

Hmm... And now there are three places
at least where i can see aggregated blogs about axapta: axforum, aggreg8 and my Google Reader. Too much for me :)

Max Belugin said...

AxForum lacks post formatting.

Is your google reader public?

Artild said...


But it includes Axforum feed, and it is not very usefull to read like one feed.

Max Belugin said...

Than—Ö - just added my opml to axcoder template via google reader.

agreg8 has one more benefit - it contains tag cloud whick aggregates all tags in all blogs