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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ideas: AxPath protocol

Imagine that you have an ability to create links to everything in axapta: forms, records, classes, busines objects (for example orders). You can insert that link in the web page or e-mail and your correspondent can click on this link and open the item you linked to from browser or email client. For example you open Purchase order 'P0002', click the 'copy link' button and send a letter with words "look at order P0002" and sombody who have received this message can simply click on the link to open this order.

This document describe proposal to introduce that kind of links read more..


krzak said...

interresing, have you made some proof of concept already ? It shouldn't be so hard IMHO.

Max Belugin said...

Nothing except info at wikipedia. IFAIK Ax 4.0 have something similar (working via axhlink.exe).

I think i will use VSSProtocol as a model.

Ciprian Dudau said...

Sounds very original, but I doubt about the effectiveness. If I understand correctly this aims to open the Ax. desktop client from a webbrowser link? If yes, wouldn't the functionality be limited to only the domain/network users who have access to Axapta directories and have correct version of the Ax. client installed? Also, how will the link know what client/application to choose if there are multiple SP version installed?

Max Belugin said...

I think it would be som sort of queue wich will be scanned by sidax on timer, so if you already have running appplication the link will be opening there.

BTW IFAIK is not original: Nav and Ax 4 already have some sort of this.

MichaƂ Kupczyk said...

I did addon doing exactly this, with url looking like:

What I am missing from Axpath is:

-ability to serve multiple instances of AX. aka DEV, PROTO, LIVE etc.

-ability to specify the company.

-ability to start AX either by referencing configuration from Registry or specifying *.axc file.

-ablility to address correct AX instance when running on Terminal Server (where 10's of AX can exist)
, and you probably do not want other users to receive your URL's

Max Belugin said...

What version do you use.

The 0.3 release should work with terminal service

Anders Halden said...

How did you get the protocol handler DLL to work? I've installed the XPO's, and they're running fine. But when I run register.bat, and try the examples (axpath://) nothing happens.

Dag Calafell, III said...

AxPath is a great option for local client installations. What about terminal services or citrix?

For Citrix I can open AX with
"C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pn.exe" /APP "Dynamics AX" /PN:CITRIX01 /PARAM:"-company=520"

instead of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client\Bin\Ax32.exe

Can you help me out?

Max Belugin said...

I think it is need to fix dll to do such things - you can download free Turbo Delphi from and fix the dpr source code, or ask some developer do do it. The author is user AndyD from you can post a message there, maybe some dev can fix it.